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Applications for St Mary’s Ward are shown here, for other areas please look on Test Valley website.

Application No.12/02407/FULLN

Erection of single & two story front & side extension to provide sun lounge, utility, shower room & wc on ground floor with extended bedroom on first floor.

Vigo Nursery 72 Vigo Road Andover Hants. SP10 1HP  Applicant Mr Colin Blake

Publicity expiry date 18th December 2012

Application No.12/02521/FULLN

Conversion of ancillary retail floor space to four flats & one commercial unit for use within either classes A1 (shops), A2 (financial & professional services), A3 (Restaurants & cafe’s) or A5 (Hot food take aways) of the use classes order.

64 High Street Andover Hants SP10 1NG  Applicant Lainston High Street LLP

Publicity expiry date 21st December 2012

Application No. 12/02528/CMAN

Retrospective application for 4.7 Kilowatts solar array (20 panels) on the roof of the school building (County matter)

Icknield School River Way Andover Hants SP11 6LT  Applicant Almanon

Application No. 12/02474/TREEN

Fell one Sycamore.

1 Eastgate House 5-7 East Street, Andover Hants SP1o 1EP. Applicant MR Alex Brook

Publicity expiry date 11december 2012.

Application No 12/01881/FULLN

Change of use from B1 (office) to C3 (residential) on first & second floors. Convert existing space to create two flats, demolish rear outbuilding & construct four further flats at first & second floor as rear extensions; erect flue.

First & second floors 77 High Street. Andover Hants sp10 1LR Applicant Mr R Bilgic

Publicity expiry date 14th December 2012

Application No. 12/02418/FULLN

Redevelopment to form 96 sheltered apartments for the elderly including communal facilities (category 11 type accommodation), ground floor commercial floor space comprising classes A1 (retail), A2 (financial & professional services) A3 (restaurants & cafes), access, car parking & landscaping.

Land at Junction of Chantry Street & West Street/4 Chantry Street Andover Hants.

Applicant, Churchill retirement living.

Publicity expiry date 14th December

Application No.12/02467/FULLN

Erection of single storey rear extension.

259 Vigo Road Andover Hants sp10 1jx     Applicant Mr Paul & Ms D. L. Farr

Publicity expiry date 8th December 2012

Application No.12/02501/TREEN

Fell one sycamore; reduce  three ash by 30%

H Samuel Ltd.  46 High Street Andover Hants. sp10 1NF   Applicant H Samuel Ltd.

Publicity expiry date 10th December 2012

Application No.12/02413/LBWN

Replace door & step/threshold stone

Shaw Trust 74 High Street  Andover Hants. sp10 1NG  Applicant Mr George Symonds

Publicity expiry date 15th December 2012

Application No. 12/02506/FULLN

Change of use from retail to adult gaming centre.

Ground floor 74 High Street Andover Hants sp10 1NG  Applicant Mr George Symonds

Publicity expiry date 14th December 2012

Application No. 12/02459/ADVN

Display illuminated lighting plaque & light curtains

The Guild Hall High Street Andover Hants. sp10 1LP   Applicant Miss Wendy Coulter

Publicity expiry date 14th December 2012