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Improved Street cleaning

by nigellong on 1 April, 2015

After receiving complaints from residents in Picket Piece and Picket Twenty over the amount of mud being left on the highway from the new developments being built, I have spoken to the Environmental team at Beech Hurst and contacted the developers to see what could be done to sort this problem out. The good news […]

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Cuts to waste recycling centre.

by nigellong on 20 February, 2015

The household waste recycling centre on the Walworth estate at Scott Close, Andover will see its summer opening times slashed under cost cutting plans agreed by the Tory controlled County Council recently. This means that in Andover, the site will open later at 9am and close one hour earlier at 6pm between March and September. […]

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Town centre pavement clean up

by nigellong on 11 November, 2014

Environmental services have made arrangements for a specialist street washing contractor to clean the pavements in the Andover Town centre. It is here only for a week’s trial to see how well this type of machine works. The work will help remove staining and has started this week. This is outside of the the normal […]

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Wind farms beat Nuclear!

by nigellong on 22 October, 2014

The u k’s wind farms generated more power than its nuclear power stations on Tuesday, the national grid says. The energy network operator said it was caused by a combination of high winds & faults in nuclear plants.Wind farms are causing controversy in rural areas & the government is choking off planning permission for new […]

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River Anton Restoration

by nigellong on 15 October, 2014

Work will begin this week to improve and enhance the River Anton along Western Avenue adjacent to the Andover College. This work is due to start on Friday 17th October and will last approximately one week. This restoration work will include the thinning of the trees along the footpath at Western Avenue to improve views […]

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Autumn leaf clearance.

by nigellong on 14 October, 2014

Test Valley council are responsible for keeping the streets and pavements free from leaves during the Autumn.This planned six week annual clearance will start on Monday, 3rd November. The environmental service teams will target known hot spots and respond to ad-hoc requests. Priority is given to the following areas; Streets and footpaths with many mature […]

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Solar Farm decided today?

by nigellong on 12 August, 2014

At todays Planning Control Committee the decision will be made to give permission or not for one of the largest Solar farm parks in the Country. Planning permission is being sought for a solar park on land at Everly farm, Houghton Broughton. This solar park would comprise the installation of approximately 206,000 photvoltaic solar panels […]

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Why I voted for Bullington Wind Farm

by nigellong on 18 June, 2014

The recent application for a wind farm to be installed at Bullington Cross was recently refused permission at Winchester. The decision did not surprise me, but I was disappointed in the final result from my councillor colleagues. We need to wake up to the fact that we can not keep on the way we are […]

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EDF Energy have submitted planning applications for a wind farm at Bullington Cross. The site of proposed wind farm crosses the boundaries of three local authorities, Test Valley Borough Council, Winchester City Council and Basinstoke and Deane Borough Council. The proposal is for 14 wind turbines up to 125.5 Meters in height to blade tip, […]

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Love where you live: Roadside litter

by nigellong on 23 April, 2014

Test valley Borough Council is tackling the problem of roadside rubbish this spring with the help of its handy car litter bags! The task of clearing roadside litter is expensive and dangerous for the people who’s job it is to clean up the mess. It can also lead to safety hazards for other road users, […]

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Flooding Hits Andover

by nigellong on 12 February, 2014

                    The recent flooding to many of the Villages has finally caught up with Andover. This afternoon the Town Mills were putting sandbags in place to try to stop the building from being flooded. Nearby in Marlborough Street, the river Anton has burst it banks flooding […]

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Travellers at Shepherd Spring Car Park

by nigellong on 13 August, 2013

In the last few day’s up to 35 caravans have been parked up in the Shepherd spring Lane car park. This has caused a number of complaints from local residents, concerns over the noise of generators running late at night. the travellers areĀ  thought to be heading for the Dorset steam Rally. Legal proceedings to […]

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Grit bins emptied!

by nigellong on 23 January, 2013

With more snow falling, local residents have contacted me that the grit bin in Acre Path is being is being emptied by people and wheeled away to be used elsewhere. Due to this thoughtless act the elderly residents are struggling to get out over the icy paths to shops etc.

Please remember that this grit in the grit bins is for use on public paths, pavements and roads. Not for private use on drives or garden paths.

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Car damaged in Vigo Road

by nigellong on 14 January, 2013

A residents car was badly damaged in Vigo Road, the windscreen smashed & the interior destroyed by fire. Not sure if this was accidental or a malicious act by someone. My main concern was that this damagedĀ  car was close to the local schools, & would be an obvious target for young children to explore […]

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New Street Lights for Andover

by nigellong on 13 January, 2013

The replacement of our Towns street lighting is well under way in Andover. The work programe is being done by Southern electric & Hampshire County Council, about 150,000 street lights will be replaced or upgraded around Hampshire. ” I feel that this is good news that our town is being lit to a higher standard […]

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