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Borough Elections

by nigellong on 12 May, 2015

Following the elections on 7th May, after a long 4 hour count of ballot papers on May 8th it was declared that three conservative councillors were elected as Test Valley Borough Councillors to St Mary’s Ward.


I would like to thank all those who supported me, delivered focus leaflets, and helped during the last four years in getting the messages out to the residents of St Mary’s. I am proud to have stood as part of a strong team that stood for Liberal Democrat values. The reception that we received as we went around the ward made it all worth while and showed that many supported those values.

These are the results for the ward.

Ward: Andover (St Mary’s)
Registered Voters: 7,059
Ballots Papers Issued: 4,138 ( 28 spoilt papers)
Votes Cast: 11,226 (58.6 % Turnout)
Candidate Name Party Vote Count

Iris Anita Andersen                   Conservative           1638
John Lushington Cockaday     Conservative           1289
David Charles Denny                Conservative           1245
Daniel William Emmerson      UK Independence   922
Peter Herbert Mather               UK Independence   855
Katherine Anne Bird                 Liberal Democrats  806
Vincent Garth McGarry           UK Independence    794
Nigel John Long                        Liberal Democrats   724
Alan Edward Cotter                  Labour                       684
Nicole Gentleman                      Labour                      635
Sheryl Scott-Clarke                   Liberal Democrats  536
Alan Wright                                Labour                      504
Catherine Hosen                       Green                        435
Russell Kirk Clinton Tarrant  Independent            159

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