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Improved Street cleaning

by nigellong on 1 April, 2015

Street cleaning in prgress

Street cleaning in progress

After receiving complaints from residents in Picket Piece and Picket Twenty over the amount of mud being left on the highway from the new developments being built, I have spoken to the Environmental team at Beech Hurst and contacted the developers to see what could be done to sort this problem out.

The good news is that at both sites, extra drive rounds by the contractors cleaning team are now being done on a daily basis. Also improvements to the vehicles doing this work have come into play. New cleaning brush’s have been put added and this seems to be making a big difference to the roads close to the building work.

With the large amount of traffic going to and fro to these house building sites the contractors have a real problem trying to keep the roads clean. But I am pleased by the quick response by the contractors to get this problem solved and the extra effort they are putting in.

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