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Presentation of Business Incentive Grant.

by nigellong on 20 February, 2015

baker pc

Presenting Daniel with his business incentive grant.

This week I had the pleasure of giving a Test Valley Borough Council, Business Incentive Grant to Daniel Baker, Baker’s PC repairs.

Daniel has decided to turn a hobby into his livelihood and has taken unit 20 at the Walworth enterprise centre to run his new business from. His customers will be private individuals, rather than businesses and will cover hardware and software problems. Charging a fixed price per job or hourly rate depending on the job.

Daniel used to run his business from his home on River Way, Andover is looking forward to expanding his work and has built his own computer and helped friends and family with IT problems with their lap tops, tablets etc. The Southampton based “Rent a Nerd” IT company has agreed to refer his Andover customers to Daniel. He hope’s to have a web site up shortly, and will also market his business via Facebook, Spotted in Andover, Andover Town and other social media.

Daniel is a really friendly person, And I wish his new venture every success for the future.

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