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Protest over A-Boards in Andover High Street.

by nigellong on 10 January, 2015

a frame protest (2)

Local businesses protest over A frames ban.

On Friday the  Andover High Street saw local businesses hold a protest against the decision by Hampshire County Council to ban the use of A-frame boards to promote local businesses in the Town centre. Letters were sent to the shops after HCC received complaints from a resident about the frames and possible hazard to pedestrians. The shops face a possible fine of a £1000 if they fail to comply with this ban to remove them!

While the County Council operates a zero tolerance policy to these advertising boards, they have to react when they receive complaints from the public. I feel we need to find ways to highlight, promote and advertise the independent shops in our Town more.

There is a project to highlight and support the local businesses in the 7 alley ways leading off the the High Street by Test Valley Borough Council. This is in the early design stages and local  retailers will be advertised who have shops in these locations. This project stems from the Andover Town summit project.


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