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New Bus services for Andover.

by nigellong on 8 January, 2015

Andover bus station.

Andover bus station

A new bus operator has taken over some of the routes that operates from the new Andover bus station. Wheelers bright orange bus’s started their new contract from Monday 5th January. Wheelers brings a new network of routes serving Andover and the local estates as well as rural links to Stockbridge and Salisbury.

These are all operated with support from Hampshire County Council, who’s grants help to subsidised theseĀ  new routes.


Wheelers timetable (480x640)

Wheelers bus routes.

Wheelers operate these bus services.

w3 (640x602)

Map showing Wheelers bus routes.

Service 10 to Picket Twenty and service 10a to Picket Piece, service 11 to the Hospital via Augusta park and Tesco. The service 12 to Hedge End Rd and the service 13 to Vigo Rd and Colenzo Drive. They also have started to operate the rural links, the service 15 Andover to Stockbridge and the 87 service Andover to Salisbury.

A copy of the Wheelers bus time table can be obtained from the Andover library, or you can download by clicking here.


3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    So the “replacement” for the Stagecoach 77 is Wheeler’s 15? I challenge anyone to travel to Stockbridge from Andover on this and get back the same day!

  2. Emma says:

    I don’t know who decided on the new timetable,but I’d like to thank them for not providing a bus from Abbotts Ann that I can to/from work on. I can either walk or get a taxi. Or maybe I should just give up work after 17 years and rely on the state to keep me eh?

  3. J says:

    Also entertaining, of course, to watch the hourly attempt to squeeze a bus down the already vehicular-challenged South Street… I’ve already almost lost my fence to these things twice in the one week they’ve been running, whose ridiculous idea was this?
    (On an unrelated note, a proof reader for this website is sorely needed; the amount of grammatical errors in these articles make my head hurt!)

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