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Parliamentry candidate chosen for May’s election.

by nigellong on 10 December, 2014

The North West Hants Liberal Democrats have chosen their parliamentary candidate for next May’s elections, at a meeting in the Andover    Guildhall on Friday 5th December.

Alex Payton who is a local barrister, has been selected as the prospective Parliamentary candidate for the North West Hampshire seat by the Lib Dems. Alex is 40 years old and a Oxford graduate who specialises in civil law. He is a councillor in Newbury and has previously served as a councillor for, and Mayor of Thatcham. In 2010 he was the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Havent.

At the meeting held in Andover, Alex said he was proud to represent the Liberal Democrats and their successes in coalition. Achievement such as the £12,600 tax threshold, the triple lock on pensions and the pupal premium have made a real difference to local people and would not have been introduced without the Lib Dems in government.

Alex is keen to work with local councillors dealing with the large scale housing developments in the constituency, improving road and transport links and ensuring local people have a voice in Parliament.

Welcoming the selection, Martin Baker, North West Hants constituency chair said, “Alex is a excellent candidate with a vast knowledge and experience of local campaigning, who will put the people of North West Hampshire first. We all look forward to working with him in the forthcoming general and local election campaigns”.




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