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Application for Sex Shop Licence.

by nigellong on 18 November, 2014

The Erotica Belle sex shop

The Erotica Belle sex shop.

A application has been received from the Erotica Belle Ltd for a renewal of a sex shop license for their premises at 2 the Broadway, Andover.

This is currently the only licensed sex shop in the Test Valley Borough, and will go before the licensing committee for determination. This type of shop has to renew its license every year, at a cost of £1460.

As part of the application, the applicants are required to display a public notice at the premises and also in the local newspaper advising that the application has been submitted and inviting written objections. Only objections received  within 28 days of the date of the notice may be considered by the council. However, no objections were received from the public or any other group.

This application will be decided on Thursday 20th November 2014 , 5.30pm, at Beech Hurst at the licensing committee. This meeting is open to members of the public, if you wish to attend.

Please let me know your views on this type of shop in our town.



2 Responses

  1. Grant Fraser says:

    it makes a change to have a shop in Andover!
    Don’t spoil it
    They need a license

  2. Nigel Terry says:

    Well Nigel… I personally have no problem with this shop in our town. If they are reapplying for a license, then I guess they are making a profit, which in turn means that they are serving a need for this type of establishment by our towns folk. After all I don’t imagine that they get much in the way of out of town business, of cause I may be wrong. The biggest call that I hear from the people of Andover is the need for more independant businesses in town. Are we as a town in a positon to be picky as to what type of businesses we should let in (or indeed stay). Judging by the empty shops and my experiance of the lack of foot fall in our town centre, I think not. As for the type of clientele that this type of establishment is perceived to provide products for… well, live and let live… that’s what I say.

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