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Frustration at more delays at Picket Twenty!

by nigellong on 27 October, 2014

What’s happening to the play park for Quicksilver Way at Picket Twenty? This is a question I’m regularly asked.

With 600 homes now built & occupied this play park is urgently needed & wanted by residents, yet all we get are broken promises & delays. This is getting residents angry & frustrated & confused by whats happening.

I also share residents concerns & frustration over this issue, so here is my update on what is happening.

Many of you will remember the public consultation held in January to all residents, asking for your views on what was wanted in this area. The park design was advertised, then some minor changes were made. Which meant  that the cost had to be re quoted for, (artificial grass & different path surfaces etc). This delay I feel was right to get the best for the area. in the meantime we planned to install several temporary swings while this went ahead. Unfortunately Persimmon would not allow this.

Persimmon had no problems with the location of the park, & the Council ready to install the park. Sadly after raising expectations of local residents, Persimmon homes now say they will not allow the installation until legal transfer of land to TVBC.

This is despite the fact that TVBC would fully supervise the installation, providing full insurance cover & maintain the park once compleated. Which would have meant no risk to Persimmon, they are not willing to do this.

So we are in the process of waiting for the transfer of land to TVBC. I hope that this will soon be sorted & work begins on the play park. When i receive more information i will update you all.


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  1. . says:

    On a similar note is there any update on street lighting? I had to walk from the bus stop home with my son in pitch black yesterday! Considering the extortionate amount of council tax we pay I find it appalling that half the estate has no street lights

    • nigellong says:

      Hi Kristy, the Street Lighting is the responsibility of SSE contracting & Hampshire County Council. They do have a web site & 24/7 customer service line to report comments or enquries to.
      I feel that two years in some areas is not acceptable or safe for residents to wait for the Street lighting to be installed. I urge all residents to complain on their website or to phone them up. It is a 0800 number which is free.

  2. Debbie says:

    I don’t have children but the play park is desperately needed to stop kids playing elsewhere like up the scaffolding at the front of picket twenty, in the roads, or in the big park by the pavillion.

    Also, having street lights turned on throughout the development would make us feel a lot safer. Especially now it’s dark at 5pm! I walk my dog at night and feel really unsafe doing it with rumours on facebook of suspicion men snooping around.

  3. Trish Smith says:

    Please can someone let us P20 residents know when the retail units will be opened? Its frustrating as not everyone has cars and able to go the long distance to town.

    Regards Trish Smith

    • nigellong says:

      The retail shop & pub sites are being advertised, but unfortunately it is up to developers to take the options up to come & build here. At present there are no plans for anyone to start these yet. It is not up to Persimmons to build, they just have to leave the sites for these potential facilities to be built by others. Helpfully this will soon come with all the extra homes being built.

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