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Picket Twenty play area

by nigellong on 23 July, 2014

playpark (640x480)

Site for new play park

I am sorry that i  have to report that there has been a delay with the installation of the play park.

It had been hoped that the new play area would have been ready for the start of the School holidays. The delay is due to a number of changes that the council have requested which will make the scheme much better in the long run.The changes will include extending the amount of artificial grass to cover the large bund. This will mean we keep the site clean and the bank will not end up a mud slide. resin bound gravel paths rather than loose gravel, also a change to the clamber stack unit which will be made larger.

The delay in getting these changes and new quotes for the work has meant that if work were to start on the site now, we would be putting a significant amount of this open space out of action for the school holidays. The decision has been made to delay the construction until the beginning of September.

Design for play park at Quicksilver Way.

Design for play park at Quicksilver Way.

In the short term and just to provide some play features, two sets of two swings will be installed. I appreciate that this not the full play area but this will at least provide some equipped play area for the summer period. The swings will stay in place until the full site is opened and then be removed and installed at another site locally.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    October 2014 and the park is still not started, and no swings are in situ? We were originally told it would be built at the end of 2013, and then Summer 2014, and now we are nearly at the end of 2014? Over 1/3 of the buildings are now built, and yet not one of the three promised parks has been built?

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