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Pirates for Picket Twenty?

by nigellong on 7 July, 2014

Design for play park at Quicksilver Way.

Design for play park at Quicksilver Way. ( click on image for larger view)

News that the new play park will soon be installed on Quicksilver Way will be greatly appreciated by local residents with young families.

After a consultation with all residents in Picket Twenty, to see what they would like to have included into the play area the design has been released. As you can see from the photo there will be a shipwreck/Pirates theme to it.

I feel that this is a great idea and cant wait to see it installed. There are currently 450 properties occupied at Picket Twenty and the area has no play areas at the moment, so this can not come quick enough for me. It will help to take children away from the development areas into a safe play area. There are 3 further play areas planned for the Picket Twenty development.

HAG/SMP have been awarded the work for all the play parks to be installed at Picket Twenty.


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