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3 Large House developments for Andover

by nigellong on 6 November, 2013

Northern Area Planning committee on the 14th November will have 3 major planning applications to decide upon. House build 3

David Wilson Homes have put in the following applications No. 13/00323/RESN

Land at Picket Piece.north and South of Ox Drove. Andover

‘Phase 1 east’ Development of 144 Dwellings, associated access streets, car parking, public open space including locally equipped area of play,allotments, landscaping  and new wildlife habitat.

Also by David Wilson Homes, the application No 13/00768/RESN

Land at Picket Piece, North and South of Ox Drove and South of Walworth Road. Andover

Development of 102 dwellings, associated access Streets within the site, car parking, public open space including locally equipped area and landscaping.

A planning inspectorate appeal decision, granted outline permission 30th June 2011 for the Picket Piece site.

Persimmon Homes have put in an application No 13/01764/RESN

Land at Picket Twenty, Andover.

Phase 3 – Erection of 98 homes and associated infrastructure, siting, design, external appearance and landscaping details.

outline plan of new homes for P20

outline plan of new homes for P20

With so much house building happening in Andover, What are your views on whats happening?

Are too many being built or not enough? Please get in contact with your thoughts  on this matter.

For more detailed information on these planning applications, can be found on the Test Valley website


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  1. Chris Prentice says:

    Resident at Picket Piece. As you are aware, we fought the planning application but lost on appeal.

    With that appeal we also lost any control over the developer to bring benefits to the existing community such as mains sewerage, gas supplies etc.

    Given your stated views on the environment and sustainability, the opportunity to further reduce the carbon footprint of the existing community has been refused to all but a few (if any)by not allowing connection to these mains utility services. Is there anything that you can do to raise this issue that possibly may put pressure onto the developers to provide these services to existing Picket Piece homes that will form approximately 10% of the PP community in the future?

    Thank you …Chris

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