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Harewood farm Planning appeal decison

by nigellong on 19 August, 2013

House build 3

Planning appeal approved for Harwood Farm

Plan showing proposed site layout

Plan showing proposed site layout

The result of the recent planning appeal for land at Harewood farm has just been announced

The application was for up to 150 homes to be built on a parcel of land to the side of the Harewood mobile home park and the Ox Drove.

The Northern Area Planning Committee had turned this application down on the grounds that it was too close to the Walworth industrial estate, no over riding need for theses homes & building in the county side . But the applicant decided to go to appeal against this decision.

The decision of the inspector, after a four day public hearing in the Andover Guildhall, was to allow the appeal. Therefore outline planning permission is granted for development of up to 150 homes with associated access, public open space & attenuation ponds. In accordance of the application ref, 12/01611/FULLN

The planning inspectors conclusion was that the council is unable to demonstrate a five year a land supply with a 5% buffer, as a result the policy SET 03 is not up to date.

I am disappointed that this has been given permission, i did vote against this when at the planning committee. Especially when we have a large amount of new housing at Picket Twenty, Picket Piece, Agusta Park & East Anton.

Please get in contact with your views on this matter

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  1. Mr Thompson says:

    Andover is becoming blighted by add-hoc developments. There seems to be no coherent plan/layout for Andover and the surrounding areas. Everywhere within Andover there are industrial units being built right next to houses or houses being built next to industrial units. Andover used to be a pretty and rural town but over the last 10 to 15 years with poor planning decisions being made and no thought for the long term look and feel of the town of Andover and the surrounding villages. It seems now that farms are no longer farms but industrial units and they are allowed to sell their land off either for building houses as per this application at Harewwod Farm or to build unsightly industrial units that can be seen for miles around, are noisy, smelly and become rubbish dumps for those companies that work there. Again there seems to be a complete lack of control from Test Vally in allocating planning and when planning has been granted they don’t enforce the regulations to those concerned.

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