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Who gets your vote? Police commissioners vote 15th November.

by nigellong on 4 November, 2012

November’s important Police & crime commissioner election will decide the future of Policing in our area.

In Andover it’s a straight choice between  the conservatives, who have let down Hampshire residents on crime & failed to protect front-line Police from cuts, or the Lib Dems who have stood up against County waste & cuts & campaigned to keep front-line Police on our streets.

The Conservatives running Hampshire have the wrong priorities. They voted to make further cuts to Police budgets, ignoring warnings from the Cheif Constable that this could remove 100 Police from our streets.

Police campaigner David Goodall

Across Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, Labour & UKIP are out of the race & can’t win. It’s a choice between experienced campaigner David Goodall or the Conservative candidate who quit as a minister over his links to a now jailed 329 million fraudster.

Experienced Police campaigner David Goodall will work hard to protect your home & family as Hampshire’s first elected Police Commissioner.

David is the son of a former Hampshire Police inspector & brother of a serving officer, he is promising a fresh  & effective approach to making our homes & streets safer.

Hampshire Councillor David Goodall wants action to bring local people & police closer together to deal with problems of crime & anti-social behaviour.

David will make sure that maximum resources go to front line policing, working with communities to make sure that those resources  are used where they are needed most.

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