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Vigo Recreation Ground results

by nigellong on 23 September, 2012

Police in Vigo Road Recreation Ground

After complaints of anti social behaviour in the Vigo Recreation ground, meetings with local residents,police, TVBC officers & your local Councilors were held in the Andover bowls club. The idea of these meetings were to find ways to solve the problems that have been disturbing residents in the Recreation Road area. Mainly groups of  young people congregating by the bench’s drinking until the small hours!

Acre Path Residents Chairman Peter Steele with Cllr Nigel Long

Good news is that most of the ideas that I suggested at this first meeting have now been approved, following a survey to all residents. These are that the 2 benches will be relocated elsewhere in the park, the hedge/fence will be repaired & uniform in height. Trees will be trimmed back to allow the footpath to be properly lit in the evenings. Funding has been found to put a barrier in at the car park.

Local residents chairman Peter Steele congratulated Cllr Nigel Long in the work done so far. Both agree that this should help improve the area. More work needs to be done tho. The next meeting is on the 19th November 2012 at 6.30 pm. Held at the Andover Bowels Club, in the Recreation Ground


2 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    You say you suggested the benches being moved?

    Can we ask when that was as the original meeting I remember it was several residents that suggested it.

    • nigellong says:

      Thank you for your comments, at the meeting i said i thought that moving the benches was the easiest & cheapest option & the residents association member Mr Steele thought it a good idea. A few others were not sure. so the decision was made to do a survey to residents to ask them their thoughts on this topic. I helped deliver this survey along with one of the other Councilors to all the residents in the area. St Johns Rd, Recreation Rd, Acre path,Acre Court flats, Beales Court flats & Adelaide Rd.
      Yes other people as well mentioned moving benches as well, i remember that some said they would also like to see the one behind the bowling green moved. So that they did not have to listen to the people swearing when playing bowels. The main thing i believe is that people are working to improve our park, which is a fantastic place for all the people of our town to enjoy. This week i have spoken to tvbc dog warden to see if we can do something about the few irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul in the park.

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